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biike podcasts that shine when you listen to them. We are very happy to have already recorded eight wonderful biike podcasts with great studio guests on future topics related to business, technology and communication:

Visit the biike Podcast side at Podigee:

For our customers, we also recently launched biike audiio Podcast Pro – a smart all-in-one production solution for your business topics. The complete package includes planning and recording as well as production and distribution. With biike audiio Podcast Pro , today’s companies successfully can rely on one of the most successful communication tools. Podcasts reach target groups, customers and applicants quickly, directly and personally. The emotional bonding effect with »audible content« is much higher than with any other means of communication. Target groups and listeners quickly become real fans and valuable leads.

Do you have any questions on this topic? Ask the biike »Podcast Consultant« Christian Hemmi directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


biike audiio Podcast Pro. The smart all-in-one podcast solution for your company. Turning target groups into more valuable leads, subscribers, employees and customers.


biike audiio Podcast Pro is the professional podcast solution for your company. It contains everything to address your topics directly and successfully to your target groups. Diverse areas of application: Alternative to mail newsletter, for lead generation, recruiting. All-in-one studio Package: recording, speaker, sound design, mastering, data service. Conception & development of podcast formats. Content planning, script development, text creation. Consulting & service for hosting platforms. Successfully make people listen to your company. Just contact us!


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