Now: biike special conditions

The biike »Corona Offer« for your company.

Make good use of the time now and gear up the communicative presence of your company for the challenges in the months and years to come. In times of crisis, professional marketing, successful communication and a concise brand profile are more crucial than ever to make sure you keep sticking out among your competitors and manage to attract positive attention.
biike currently extends a wide range of special offers for you in the following areas:

  • Strategic check of your brand/communication appearance, including suggestions for graphic and content optimisation: 750 EUR
    (The brand check is complimentary if a follow-up project is commissioned at least 4 weeks after completion of the analysis and if the minimum volume of the follow-up project is 3,000 EUR))
  • For the first »Corona order«: 25% discount for creative and design services such as logo development, corporate design, creation or revision of flyers/brochures, website design, video conception, podcast production, general idea development and consulting (external costs are excluded from the discount)
  • Interim management in your company (advertising/marketing): 25% discount off our regular daily rate of 1,040 EUR (excluding travel expenses for assignments outside Hamburg)

Please do not hesitate to also reach out to us regarding individual design and communication measures.
We are looking forward to your inquiry!

BVG naviTV: a new kind of passenger information

Videos are still one of the most popular media formats, especially in the form of tutorials or explanatory videos. So what could be more obvious than to use the advantages of moving images to communicate complex content in public transport construction projects? Here, too, the 2D animated presentation of route closures, detours, site plans or routing, e.g. for replacement traffic, offers tangible communicative advantages over the static presentation in printed notices or classic information flyers.

In order to take advantage of these benefits, the Berlin public transport authority commissioned biike with the conception, design and implementation of a universally applicable video format for passenger information during construction works. The animated »chunk-by-chunk« presentation of the often complex content, as well as additional easy-to-read text overlays, guide passengers step-by-step through maps and plans in an easy-to-understand manner. The audio track and optional subtitles significantly increase barrier-free access to the content, but even without sound, the essential information can also be understood only visually.

With the release of the »pilot film« on construction measures on a section of the U6 route, BVG is now presenting this new info format to the public on its YouTube channel. We look forward to lively feedback and many more episodes of BVG naviTV!

biike audiio Podcast Pro

biike podcasts that shine when you listen to them. We are very happy to have already recorded eight wonderful biike podcasts with great studio guests on future topics related to business, technology and communication:

Visit the biike Podcast side at Podigee:

For our customers, we also recently launched biike audiio Podcast Pro – a smart all-in-one production solution for your business topics. The complete package includes planning and recording as well as production and distribution. With biike audiio Podcast Pro , today’s companies successfully can rely on one of the most successful communication tools. Podcasts reach target groups, customers and applicants quickly, directly and personally. The emotional bonding effect with »audible content« is much higher than with any other means of communication. Target groups and listeners quickly become real fans and valuable leads.

Do you have any questions on this topic? Ask the biike »Podcast Consultant« Christian Hemmi directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


biike audiio Podcast Pro. The smart all-in-one podcast solution for your company. Turning target groups into more valuable leads, subscribers, employees and customers.


biike audiio Podcast Pro is the professional podcast solution for your company. It contains everything to address your topics directly and successfully to your target groups. Diverse areas of application: Alternative to mail newsletter, for lead generation, recruiting. All-in-one studio Package: recording, speaker, sound design, mastering, data service. Conception & development of podcast formats. Content planning, script development, text creation. Consulting & service for hosting platforms. Successfully make people listen to your company. Just contact us!


BVG account win

Our love story with Berlin and the »Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe« (Germany’s largest municipal transport company) »keeps on rolling«.

For the third time in succession, we have won the BVG »passenger communication« account. Since 2012 we have been guiding BVG passengers to their destinations in Berlin city centre and metropolitan areas with our communication solutions. It seems we have been doing a good job.

In this very complex communication scenario, it’s important to communicate and present this as simply, understandably and pleasantly as possible. In short: we love what we do. And we love our clients. And they love us too. And so it goes on! ;-)

Do you have any questions? Then don’t hesitate to contact the biike consultant for BVG and other public transport issues:
Dr. Jens Tathoff This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An illuminating kick-off.

»biike guys, that was a nice evening with a really exciting topic at your place – when will you start the next one?« :-)

Such positive feedback as this one for the first biike »night of fire« makes us very happy! Especially because together with our guests exactly what we had expected happened: a sociable evening with a lot of enlightenment, foresight and a direct exchange of ideas. The topic »marketing automation« with biike, competently illuminated and explained by Jan-Claas Glindemann, offered many exciting starting points. This was also noticeable afterwards during the many lively discussions in which the possibilities of automated communication processes, for example for recruiting or marketing campaigns, were discussed.

If you couldn't be there live, but find the topic of marketing automation just as interesting as biike, we would be happy to light it up for you and your team. All contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Do you have any questions? Ask the biike diigital expert directly:
Jan-Claas Glindemann ·
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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