BVG – Fahrgastlenkung und Fahrgastinformation

BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

Passenger information and passenger guidance

Design and implementation of systemically networked information media during complex and protracted construction projects. The aim is to guide BVG passengers in the affected areas as directly and easily as possible to their alternative underground, bus or tram connections.

  • Idea and conception
  • Campaign design, graphic design
  • Specific guidance media related to roads, routes and stops
  • Passenger information brochures
  • Micro-geographic media planning
  • Cooperation management with local leisure providers in Berlin
  • Graphic services: various adaptations
BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, public transport company (subway, tram, bus).
Over 1 billion passengers, 12,441 employees, sales turnover in 2017: EUR 1.2 billion.
  • »Pylon«
    guidance display

  • »Info panel«
    guidance display

  • »Poster«
    guidance display

  • »Floor tile«
    guidance display

  • »Footsteps«
    guidance displays

  • »Info poster«
    guidance display

  • Passenger information brochure

  • Simplified route maps
    with bypass routes during construction work

  • »Pocket flyer«
    passenger information

Bezirksamt Berlin-Neukölln – Aktion Karl-Marx-Str.

District Office Berlin-Neukölln

Neighborhood activation campaign
for the Karl-Marx-Straße, Berlin

Development and realization of a sustainable campaign to encourage and activate residents and customers to continue to visit the shops in Karl-Marx-Strasse, which were more difficult to reach during extensive road/construction works. The concept also aims at positively influencing critical local business managers.

  • Idea and conception
  • Slogan and text development
  • Activation incentives for residents: Bonus card with points and prize draw
  • Graphic design and services: 18/1 posters, shop posters, showcase banners, T-shirts, bags, buttons, flyers
  • Production and project management
District Office Berlin-Neukölln/ Federal State funding program ‘Active Centres’.
328,000 inhabitants (Berlin-Neukölln district).
  • Large size poster
    in the local area

  • Large size posters
    in the local area

  • Website
    Concept and design

  • Giveaways
    as incentives

  • Bonus card
    for customer loyalty

  • Display case banner

  • Shop posters for retailers
    in the neighbourhood

  • Shop posters for retailers
    in the neighbourhood

maresystems – Marken-Relaunch

maresystems GmbH

Development of a new corporate brand

Development and visualization/presentation of a corporate brand for ship automation with well-known STEIN SOHN systems. Objective: Modern, contemporary staging of the company and its divisions to national and international target groups.

  • Strategic brand and communication consulting
  • Corporate design and logo design
  • Design and realization of the website
  • Concept and design of the trade fair stand
  • Development and design of various print advertising media
  • Ideas and design for giveaways
maresystems GmbH, Hamburg.
Worldwide operating service provider and exclusive supplier for STEIN SOHN ship automation systems with more than 10,000 reference projects worldwide.
  • Logo development
    and corporate design

  • Business cards

  • Business stationery

  • Responsive website

  • Product brochure

  • PowerPoint
    sales presentation

  • Trade fair appearance
    at SMM Hamburg

  • Vehicle design

  • Giveaway selection
    and design

  • Giveaway selection
    and design

  • Social media support

  • Info graphics

Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland – MEER KONTAKTE

Maritimes Cluster
Norddeutschland e.V.

Business Fair »MEER KONTAKTE«,
design and launch campaign

Design and corporate design development as well as introductory communication for a new event format of the association »Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland e.V.« (Maritime Cluster Northern Germany) in Kiel/Schleswig-Holstein. Focus: consistent and appropriate presentation and visualization of the event. Media implementation: Conception and realization, development of the website, stand design, social media support and print communication.

  • Corporate Design and logo optimization
  • Design and realization of the event website
  • Social media campaign:
    Content planning, article creation (text and images), editing
  • Concept and design of the trade fair stand
  • LCD screen presentation
  • Development and design of various print advertising media
Client: Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland e.V., Hamburg.
Business platform for the maritime economy in Northern Germany (shipbuilding, marine technology, shipping, offshore, digital technologies etc.).
Over 300 members/companies (2017).
  • Logo optimisation
    and visual identity

  • Invitation flyer

  • Invitation flyer

  • Event website

  • Social media support
    and editing

  • Business fair brochure
    (exhibitor catalogue)

  • Outdoor banner
    at the event location

  • Indoor banner
    for podium and stage

NautilusLog – Marken- und Designberatung


Brand and communication consulting, design

Market-oriented visualization and presentation of the new corporate brand in the run-up to its international market launch. Strategic and operational communications consulting for the pre-market introduction of the world's first digital logbook for shipping. Media implementation: Conception, structure and design of the image communication.

  • Strategic and operative communication consulting
  • Corporate design update
  • Conception, structure and design of the image communication
    (print, web, pitch presentations)
  • Development and design of graphic elements
NautilusLog GmbH, Hamburg.
Multi-award winning startup company and developer of the NautilusLog ship log book smartphone app.
  • Corporate design update

  • Concept development
    for image communication

  • Product/image brochure


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